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As Southern California’s premier roofing and waterproofing resource, Sadler offers a complete line of competitively priced services, ranging from design and installation, to repair and preventive maintenance. What’s more, every Sadler project comes with our exclusive “SR3 Protection Guarantee” that assures your complete satisfaction with workmanship and materials.

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Cool Roof Systems – Title 24

Energy savings make cool roof systems an excellent choice for structures of all sizes. A building that’s cooler on the outside requires less cooling on the inside to keep occupants comfortable. Highly infrared emissive and solar reflective roofing materials help mitigate heat absorption, thereby reducing the cost of energy associated with cooling and conditioning the inside air.

Single Ply

Thermoplastic single ply membranes have taken the commercial and industrial roofing industry by storm. They represent the fastest growing segment of the U.S. new construction roofing market over the past seven years.


Most of the roofs currently installed on low sloped (flat) roofs in California are Built-Up Roofs. Sadler Roofing has perfected the BUR re-roofing process over the last 50 years while using all the latest technology to insure your BUR roof will pass the test of time.

Roof Restorations

APOC® Systems are best described as a hybrid of single-ply and built-up roofing systems. APOC® takes the best from both to provide a superior, long lasting, sustainable roofing system that building owners and property managers can specify and install with the confidence of 70 years of successful system performance. Every roofing system has three basic components: Waterproofing, Reinforcement, and Reflectivity. The combined performance of these components dictates reliability and longevity for any roofing system. APOC® Systems employ the highest performing products in each category to provide the lightest weight, most durable, and longest lasting commercial roofing systems available.

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance needs are as numerous and varied as the types of roofs themselves. Call one of our friendly Maintenance Program Specialists today at 949-675-5095 to arrange a convenient, no-obligation inspection and planning consultation.

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