Sadler Roofing Preventative Maintenance


You�ve completed a commercial roof inspection. Congratulations on taking the first step to staying on top of what�s going on �upstairs.� But now is not the time to get complacent, because an inspection only depicts what�s happening in a single moment in time. There�s no guarantee that your roof will be in that same shape next month or in six months.

The only way to breathe easy, is to have a regular, up to date report of the condition of your commercial roof. The eagle-eyed professionals at Sadler Roofing are trained to investigate and identify all commercial roofing systems to ensure that they comply with manufacturers� specifications. Utilizing our annual preventative maintenance contract will ensure your roof stays in the best condition, saving you money, time and headaches.

Our Sadler Roofing experts know that roof technologies have improved considerably over the last few decades. It�s not unreasonable for a roof to last at least 20 years, if properly installed and maintained. Without regular maintenance, however, the expected lifetime may be 5-10 years less. Bottom line is when you take care of your roof, having preventative maintenance executed periodically your roof will last longer and save you money.

Another important reason for having a preventative maintenance contract with Sadler Roofing is that commercial roof leaks lead to interior damage of your building that can compromise your facility�s structural integrity, not only requiring a potentially costly fix, but jeopardizing the safety of your customers and employees.

After the inspection, our commercial roofing experts at Sadler Roofing will provide you with a complete report and advise you of any recommended repairs.

Maintaining a healthy roof system is your best assurance for contributing to the longevity of your roof and the safety of the people being protected by it. For peace of mind, trust the industry experts at Sadler Roofing. Contact us today!