Roof Repairs


In spite of your best efforts to stay on top of the health of your commercial roof through inspection and preventative�maintenance, eventually, it will be in need of repairs. �Sadler Roofing knows that it�s critical to identify any issues while they can still be repaired and before you need a whole new roof. Whether you�ve got a small repair that can be handled easily and affordably, or you�re facing a complicated and costly repair, the experts at Sadler Roofing should be your first point of contact. Well-trained and well-versed in a wide array materials and types of commercial, we have expertise in single-ply roofs, metal roofs, built-up roofs, torch down roofs, foam roofs, composition shingle roofs, tile roofs, slate roof and more.

Commercial roof membranes tend to split, tear or crack for various reasons. Holes and punctures in the roof membrane can occur from debris on the roof, falling tree branches or from contractors installing equipment. Cracks in the membrane are typical signs of age or material defects. Regardless of the membrane issue or its cause, Sadler Roofing will tackle each situation quickly before more serious damage results.

Oftentimes, a crew from Sadler Roofing is confronted with ponding water, a common problem that causes premature deterioration and leaking in commercial roofing. While roof drains are designed to alleviate rainwater, ponding water occurs when there is inadequate roof drainage or the roof drain, downspouts or gutters are clogged from an excess of debris. We will remove debris and check the condition of drains, gutters, scuppers and flashing around drains which may have become loose. �Our Sadler Roofing team can repair these issues.

Whether your repair is large or small, and regardless of your type of roof, Sadler Roofing brings over 50 years of experience to each job, handling all commercial roofing repair jobs smoothly, seamlessly, on time and on budget. Contact Sadler Roofing today!